Object Markup Language (OML)

Client: Cynack

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date & Duration: August 2017
2 weeks

Project Link: Click Here

Services rendered:
  • Custom CMS
  • Website design and development


Object Markup Language (OML) is the main tool produced by VR startup company Cynack. Formed in 2017, Cynack is a startup company which provides tools, including their own markup language, to allow developers to create VR applications with a previously unprecedented level of ease.

Their software can be used to develop applications for VR devices such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and MR devices such as Microsoft HoloLens. In 2006, the Cynack team won IBM's 'Hackathon' event in Fukuoka and were able to secure a ¥5,000,000 investment from 'F Ventures'.

I was initially approached by Cynack to create a simple site for their main product (OML), and was then asked to produce their company home page as well. As requested, both sites are quite similar in design and feel, whilst maintaining their own uniqueness. Each site utilises a custom built content management system to allow Cynack staff to effortlessly make updates and changes when required.