Client: Future Labs

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date & Duration: April 2016
1 week

Project Link: Click Here

Services rendered:
  • Custom CMS
  • Website design and development

In 2016, I was hired by Future Labs to teach a group of 12 university students the basics of PHP programming. I was given the task of coming up with a website example that would utilise a broad range of the functionality that PHP provides, which the students could then attempt to build over the 6 lesson course.

I decided that a link shortener would be a fun and engaging project for the students to work on and developed Over the course, I was able to explain exactly how I built the site and the reasons for using the approached I had. By the end of the course, all 12 students were able to develop link shortening websites of their own.

As well as database functionality, I was also able to demonstrate a few other aspects of web development such as form validation and CSS animations.