Client: Blincam Inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date & Duration: July 2016
3 months

Project Link:

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Services rendered:
  • Custom CMS
  • Website design and development

Shota Takase and I first met when working on a business card allocation application called Verica, he as the project manager and myself as a PHP engineer. Takase-san had just finished working as project manager on 'The Ghost in the Shell Realize Project' and mentioned that a combination of that experience and missing the opportunity to take a photo of his daughter's first steps (due to fumbling around in his pockets for his camera), had given him an idea.

Once the Verica project was over, Takase-san lead a small team to bring this idea into reality and Blincam was born. Blincam is a camera which can attach to any pair of glasses and allows for photos to be taken by a strong wink, ensuring the user never misses the moment to take a great snap. As the Blincam phone application only allowed users to manage photos on their device, I was given the task of producing a website which allowed users to manage their shared photos as well as browse public photos from others.

The project was entirely funded by crowdfunding, where on over 1,300 people pledged a total of over 26 million yen. It was a great experience to work with a small team and experience the journey from initial concept to exhibiting at Tech Crunch 2016 in San Francisco.

image image
The Blincam development team
Thanking the backers
Team meeting
Exhibiting at Tech Crunch
Ex Kings Legend John Salmons